Monday, August 25, 2008

Tiffany & Co. Themed Shower/Bachelorette

From our Event Consultant Sara:

When my best friend asked me to be her matron of honor in her upcoming September wedding, I knew it was time to start planning her shower and bachelorette parties. Being the "Diva" that she is, I decided to go with a Tiffany & Co. Theme. For the bachelorette party, we wore shirts the said "Bride & Co.", wore a lot of enormous bling, and carried our custom made champagne glasses all over town.

For the bridal shower, I sent out invitations that resembled the infamous Tiffany blue, and white ribbon. For the centerpieces, I replicated the Tiffany gift box, and use diamonds as confetti. My favorite part was the cake, which looked just like stacked Tiffany boxes.

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